Seraphim Earrings in Amethyst, Ruby and Pearl



Part of Cynthia Renee’s Lumina Astra Collection, the Seraphim design embodies the collection’s uplifting and soul-stirring essence of light and color.  This angel-inspired design symbolizes protection and grace, resonating with the collect’s theme of celestial beauty and the transformative power of gemstones.  The Seraphim invites you to connect with your inner strength and purity.

Each gemstone is thoughtfully chosen for its symbolic resonance — the white pearl representing purity and wisdom, and the vibrant colored gems symbolizing joy and vitality.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February babies.  It brings prosperity and good fortune, is said to release tension, aid in restful sleep and guards against energy attacks by transmuting negative energy to love. Oh – and the ancient Greeks wore Amethyst to protect them for intoxication.

Ruby is the birthstone for July. The enchanting qualities of rubies, encompassing symbolism, rarity, historical significance, and beauty contribute to their enduring appeal.

Pearl is a birthstone for June, representing purity, balance and inner wisdom. Pearls inspire us to calmly reflect on the ebb and flow of our lives, helping us navigate our struggles and fears, just as the mollusk did to form the enchanting pearl.


Drawing from a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of gemstones, the Seraphim design was born out of a desire to create a piece that resonates with the soul. The arrangement of the gems — a lustrous pearl cradled by vivid stones — forms an angelic silhouette, embodying a sense of protection and divine connection.

Crafted by Cynthia Renee, the Seraphim earring is a testament to the designer’s dedication to creating pieces that are not just beautiful but also deeply meaningful. The angelic form of the design is a deliberate choice, echoing the Lumina Astra Collection’s focus on designs that transcend mere adornment to become symbols of personal growth and spiritual connection.


Pair “Angel” earrings in 18 karat white gold featuring 1.19 ct. Amethyst, 0.48 ct. Ruby and 6 mm round Freshwater Pearl; tail on back to support drops; 8 mm parabolic friction backs.


Seraphim is a versatile masterpiece, easily transitioning from day to night. Pair it with sleek business attire to add a touch of personal expression or let it complement evening wear for a subtle, yet profound statement.

Enhance its versatility with detachable drops from our Progressive Pearls Collection for a luxurious transformation.  Below is a photo showing the earrings with a Rhodolite garnet drop, sold separately.

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