Hardness & Durability

Remember the phrase, “Tough times never last, but tough people do?” A good mantra for these weeks of quarantine. Which, like most things, leads me back to gems & jewelry...

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Gem Cents: What Determines the Value of Colored Gems

As many of you know, I've spent over 30 years in the jewelry industry as a colored gemstone dealer and designer. Working as a dealer who supplied high-end jewelers and collectors for decades led me to understand the nuances of the international gemstone market, including pricing...

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Gem Services Concierge

I was born with an eye.  What makes it useful is 34 years of evaluating gem materials and assigning their characteristics to a mental grid I file away. One place my eye and savvy come into play every year is Tucson, which hosts the largest gathering of international players in every aspect of the colored gem world.  I've missed three years in 36.

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What Should We Do With Them?

"Oh, I like that lavender and green....," Laura replied to my text showing her several pairing of gems for three-stone rings. "What should we do with them?" That's always the next question, isn't it?   The unset gems move you, but what next?

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It all happened so quickly…

Well, that summer flew past. Hurricane Florence did her best to blow away summer’s last beams, leaving us welcoming Fall. But, we’ll always have Nevada. A few months ago, I put my QVC sales training to the test selling my two teen daughters on the idea of a summer vacation on the Nevada backroads...

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Ring of Fire

I've spent most of my life in San Diego County where we have "fire weather."  No icy roads, or flood waters banking - we get fire. In October of 2007, I flew to San Diego County to visit my friend and adventuresome client, Mary.  We were going to visit the Bowers Museum's exhibit on gemstones, then play with our own gems. 

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