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February 5, 2011


Cynthia’s lecture Gems, Jewelry and Culture at the AGTA Tucson GemFaire: “For all time, humanity has had the impulse to wear jewelry. What’s it all about, anyway?  The forms, motifs and styling of jewelry speak of culture, uniquely reflecting events, forces and moods of a given time, place, and people.  How did some of today’s jewelry shapes and forms originate?  How is an ancient fertility pendant different from a hip hop chain? Cynthia Renee connects jewelry and culture with this inspiring multi-media look at the stylistic and fashion meanings behind jewelry and current trends that can be adapted to use in your store. Join this invigorating exchange of ideas, because “it don’t mean a thing, if you’re just slingin’ bling.” For seminar schedule:

See Cynthia Renée's custom jewelry design portfolio here.


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