Mom’s Last Words: Jewelry as a Living Legacy

How much of love is served by memory? I bet you all remember your first kiss – maybe even what your beloved was wearing when you met. My parents were married 57 years.  It wasn’t a “they lived happily ever after” marriage – it was a deep, character building...

The Bitch is Back

Do you like surprises or pranks? I sure do and think of them as an alternative “I Love You” to my dear ones. To surprise my oldest last Sunday evening as she arrived home after weeks away, I turned all the house lights off. The TV could be seen from the entry way, and...

Do You Grill Your Peaches?

Summer is such a bounty of produce, I ritually mark it’s end by making a fresh tomato-basil sauce on angel hair pasta and am sure to get in one more grilling of peaches. I never heard of grilled peaches before I moved to North Carolina – are they just a North Carolina...

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