“Ice, Ice Baby”

Yesterday was Earth Day and I told a story about why the slogan “Inherit the Earth™️” speaks to me. CLICK to listen to my 3"40" story, below...

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What Should We Do With Them?

"Oh, I like that lavender and green....," Laura replied to my text showing her several pairing of gems for three-stone rings. "What should we do with them?" That's always the next question, isn't it?   The unset gems move you, but what next?

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It all happened so quickly…

Well, that summer flew past. Hurricane Florence did her best to blow away summer’s last beams, leaving us welcoming Fall. But, we’ll always have Nevada. A few months ago, I put my QVC sales training to the test selling my two teen daughters on the idea of a summer vacation on the Nevada backroads...

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Ring of Fire

I've spent most of my life in San Diego County where we have "fire weather."  No icy roads, or flood waters banking - we get fire. In October of 2007, I flew to San Diego County to visit my friend and adventuresome client, Mary.  We were going to visit the Bowers Museum's exhibit on gemstones, then play with our own gems. 

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Pietra Ring

I learned geological field work in the rugged backcountry of San Diego. Large bodies of molten rocks crystallized beneath the earth’s surface, later forming mountain chains along the state’s notorious faults...

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Custom Jewelry Created from your Life Story

Stories give us life. Hard-wired into our being, we don’t just love stories, but need them. Telling our stories, and listening to others’, shines a light on our life path that can also help our loved ones know us more completely or find their way over life’s sometimes rocky trail...

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How to Create Your Story in Jewels

One of my greatest rewards is working with a client to distill their essence into a custom jewelry piece that tells a story for future generations. Worn through life, our jewelry, now imbued with our memories and feelings, ...

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My Mother

Cynthia lost her mother last June, and, as she has done for so many clients, she sought a way to memorialize her in precious metals and stones, with an heirloom jewel she could eventually pass on to her own daughters...

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Mama’s Day

I made carrot cake to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday. We all lined up for a taste of sweetness fed by her little hand. I received the necklace four months prior, a gift to mark my first Mother’s Day.

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