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Torii Gate: A Passage from Profane to Profound

torii is a traditional Japanese gateway, found originally at Shinto shrines. The gateway symbolizes a passage from the world of everyday concerns to the sacred world of universal community.

Torii Gate pendant in blackened sterling silver with satin & polished areas for detail.

The ancient Japanese also believed that they were erecting torii to provide a resting spot on which the mythical phoenix bird could alight whenever it chose to visit earth. To the Japanese, the Phoenix serves as a talisman representing fidelity, justice, and benevolence. They believe its appearance portends great events.


Travelers to Japan today can still see torii gates, and the Japanese say a glimpse of one is to make a true entrance to a life of grace. The symbol is thus a treasured motif in various kinds of art, decoration, and ceremony.

Because of this rich history and symbolism, jewelry designer Cynthia Renée decided to create a Torii Gate pendant for the woman who might be poised on the brink of leaving one world and entering another. Whether it’s a graduation, a new job, or any new phase in life, the Torii Gate pendant commemorates the moment.

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