Long Distance Legacy

My friend Lisa was in from Amsterdam with bags of gems and jewels she had collected over years of travel.  Lisa’s jewel stash was large and varied, the only common denominator amongst the pieces was her good eye and sense of the possible. Would it be possible to...


“I had to include parrots in my Reflections Collection,” says Cynthia Renée. “They are so full of life, love and color. They will want to be worn close as a jewelry talisman – talisman that lend support to fly, look beautiful, and communicate with fun, light-filled...

Long Distance Jewelry

Do you know we don’t need to meet in person to create together? Let’s Visit! So much of my work is creating with clients long-distance, often via video visit. Between video conferencing, phone calls, FedEx and my shipping insurance, a busy person can bring...

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